Paramotoring Vs. Paragliding

The Difference Between Paramotoring Vs. Paragliding

Paragliding and paramotoring are sister sports and share many qualities, so it could be easy to get the two mixed up from an outside perspective.

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Paragliding is using a highly efficient wing to fly in the mountains by catching updrafts in the form of ridge lift or thermals. Pilots must read the terrain and wind conditions effectively to stay aloft, and on the right days can stay up for hours or longer at a time!

You will generally find paragliders at existing launch locations, as you generally need a mountain with a nice slope facing the wind. Some amazing launch locations can also be found at coastal sites where a ridge can be found to direct the beach winds upward to generate lift.

Paraglider Pilots get to enjoy the serenity of flying without a motor, much like a bird!

One of the major downsides of paragliding is that you will generally need a mountain or ridge of some sort to get in the air. Which can be challenging for us here in Texas.


Paramotor flying (or powered paragliding) differs in a few ways, mainly by the motor and propellor on your back!

Paramotor Pilots also generally fly faster and less efficient wings, because they aren’t worried about staying in the air on wind lift alone, we have a motor for that!

 This also opens up the flatlands for pilots who don’t live in the mountains! We can fly high and low over our fields in Texas and launch from almost anywhere! The motor gives us the freedom to stay in the air as long as we would like, and to fly wherever we want!

So, which one is right for me?

At Texas Paramotor training we love both sports with a burning passion! The perfect answer is plan to do both!

 We take our graduated students on class trips every year to Utah and California for paramotor to paragliding conversion classes.

If you live in a flat area with no paragliding spots within an hour, the paramotor is the option for you!

If you are lucky enough to live within a short drive of mountains and epic paragliding hotspots, definitely go check that out too! We look forward to flying with you either way!

Want to learn how to fly a Paramotor?

We have new classes starting every month of the year, with course schedules to fit anyone from weekend warriors to someone who wants to knock it all out in 10 days.

Give us a call and we can schedule your training! We only offer a limited number of class seats per month, which can book up in advance. To reserve your class, it is only a 25% deposit to lock in your training dates!

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I look forward to helping you get in the air!
-Ryan Glowka

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