The Instructor

Meet Ryan Glowka 

Ryan has been flying since the age of 17 and has taught over 250 students to date as a USPPA tandem certified instructor. 

He has racked up over 2000 flying hours in 9 countries and counting. 

As a competition level acro and freestyle pilot he spends his free time traveling and learning from the worlds best pilots. He also works with glider companies such as ITV and Gin to market and influence their designs. 

In 2022 He ranked in the FAI as the #1 American in paramotor slalom racing as well as ranked #1 American in 2022 FAI paragliding acrobatics overall after his performance in the world acro cup in turkey. 

Ryan is also a frequent airshow performer and organizer- often times with pyrotechnics- if you need an airshow give us a call! 

Some of the larger shows he has performed at include: 

  • Parabatix coupe icare: les Rhône’s, France 
  • El Yelmo festival: Spain 
  • Bornos slalom competition: Spain 
  • World acro cup: turkey
  • Summerfest: Chicago 
  • Jet surf world championships: Galveston

His travels have also led him to fly in 38 of the 50 states, as well as Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica and Monaco- with many more adventures planned! 

If you’re looking for an instructor that can continue your training from beginner- to high level advanced- Ryan can help! 

Give us a call to schedule your training!