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Make your dream of flight a reality today.
We offer professional training, equipment sales, and full service!

Paramotor Training on the Beach Near Houston, TX

Paramotors are the least expensive, simplest, and SAFEST type of private aircraft you can buy. If you desire to learn how to fly like a bird, the best choice is Texas Paramotor Training. 

Paramotor students and enthusiasts fly legally under US ultralight regulations. There are just TWO simple pages of rules found in the paramotor training syllabus. That is far less compared to the 1600 pages of general aviation law that other aircraft pilots must follow.

Paramotor training is relatively simple and quick. In our 10 day course you will learn how to fly with finesse- our goal is to make your flying look next level out of training! 

Learn how navigate airspace, make easy adjustments to your own gear and equipment and fly with unparalleled freedom. There are no mandatory maintenance logs, flight plans, or other similar requirements. More than 99% of the US air space is available for any kind of flight you can imagine! 

All of our gear is equipped with a reserve parachute and water flotation for unmatched security and confidence during flight.

Our 10 day training course will get you the knowledge and skills required to go home and fly on your own! 

Our Training facility’s are right on the beach, with perfect winds that are flyable all day! Come down for a flying beach vacation! 

We will guide you through the whole process to hit our goal of making sure you can go home and fly on your own!

Our pilots lounge, class room and Rv park is located at crystal beach Texas, just north of Galveston and  little more than an hour from Houston Texas!

“There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings. More than anything else, the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost if you can conceive of such a combination” –Wilbur Wright

Texas Paramotor

Make your dream of flight a reality today.

We offer professional training, equipment sales, and full service!

A USPPA Certified Flight School

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