5 Things to Know about Electric Paramotors

If you love adventure, the idea of flying must be one of your dreams and fantasies. You may also have harbored dreams of becoming a pilot, which never came true. However, other related adventures could give the same thrill as a flying experience. One of these is paramotoring. With a backpack aircraft and a paraglider, you can easily maneuver the air space and enjoy the thrill. Paramotoring has so many similarities with an actual flight and has been touted as one of the safest among other forms of flight.

What is an Electric Paramotor?

A paramotor is a battery-powered paraglider that combines the easy flying attributes of a titanium frame paraglider and the autonomy and range of an airplane. A paraglider like the sp140 is worn like a rucksack and comes with padded shoulder straps. To get airborne, buck up, start the engine, launch your glider and run in the direction of the wind while increasing the throttle until your feet get off the ground.

Once you’re airborne, you can control the paraglider to the left or right using toggles and a handheld throttle that lets you ascend or descend. Then, you can go for cross country or just enjoy some flight time soaking in the landscape below.

The best paragliders are easy to fly, convenient, and powerful.  You can shop for your paraglider online on Amazon or eBay. Some suppliers offer their customers free flight gear. A typical paraglider has the following features:

  • Carbon fiber propellers
  • Aluminum frame base
  • Titanium fences and s-bars
  • Carbon fiber struts and beams
  • Handwoven net
  • Soft fuel tank
  • harness

Below we answer five popular questions about electric paramotors.

Can anyone fly an electric paramotor?

You can only fly an electric paramotor if you have basic navigation skills and understand the safety measures, especially when flying through sensitive airspace. However, most training schools accept students above fourteen years with no upper age limit. The need to control the wing from the ground is one of the difficult aspects of the sport.

Most paramotors are foot-launched, making them easy to fly, unlike an aircraft that needs mastering the switchboard. Generally, paramotors are ultralight. This means some rules you need to consider before use; otherwise, you may require a microlight license. First, the equipment must be operated by one person and used for recreational sport. Other factors include the stipulated weight.

How long do Electric Paramotors last?

The longevity of your paramotor depends on the frequency of use. Like any other equipment, they undergo wear and tear, hence the need for regular maintenance and routine replacement. A standard electric paramotor should give you at least five years of service.

Can you teach yourself to paramotor?

Paramotoring is unregulated. So, you need to get a license. Not many people engage in this sport, and perhaps that partly explains the absence of paramotor regulation. However, considering the many risks associated with paramotoring, it’s crucial to learn how to fly one from a professional as they know how to do it safely. Remember, you are not only the only one using the airspace. You must undergo paraglider training to obtain optimum equipment, learn how to navigate while airborne, analyze your flying, and land safely.

Besides showing you how to operate a paramotor, you also learn airspace rules and regulations. This is in addition to information and the various restrictions that you may not be aware of. For example, some conditions include no flying above a military base, densely populated areas, and other areas marked as no-fly areas.

How dangerous is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is a relatively safe sport. Most paramotor accidents happen on the ground and not in the air. They occur due to poor training and pilot complacency. Sometimes, well-trained pilots go to the extreme. In such cases, severe injuries and even fatal crashes are likely to happen. For these reasons, it’s important to learn paramotoring through a professional and not attempt to use a paramotor by yourself. There are various training schools where you can learn the skill.

A paramotor comes with a glider which has been touted to work better than a parachute. However, paragliders are also known to be very efficient, which plays a key role in safety. One of the key safety precautions to take is to ensure you are within the recommended altitude. This way, it becomes easier to make a safe landing since you can find a landing site.

Paramotoring is a self-regulated sector, and this includes safety standards. Paramotors are rated and certified by third parties, making it difficult to determine the safest brands. Aspiring pilots often rely on online ratings and recommendations when it comes to safety ratings.

How far can you paramotor use an electric paramotor?

An electric paramotor flies for an average of fifty minutes to an hour when fully charged. A standard battery pack weighs 29kgs. Considering the weight and other factors, it becomes difficult to paraglide for long distances since the battery could run out of charge. However, you can carry an extra battery if the one on your paramotor runs out of power. The only problem is that you will need to land to change the battery.

Besides the battery’s longevity and weight, speed and distance are other factors that determine how far you can fly the electric paramotor. The paramotor’s wings play a big role. Large wings are appropriate for turbulent weather, while small wings are suitable for calm weather. The speed and direction of the wind also affect the speed hence the distance. Paramotoring, just like driving, is a skill, and your skill level is a crucial factor. For instance, you are recommended to take off, climb a certain height, preferably 500 feet, then stay on that level. This not only saves power but also ensures efficiency.

An electric paramotor can help you fulfill your paragliding ambition. However, you need to be keen on various aspects, such as your safety and other airspace users. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you find a professional training school where you can learn paramotoring and other safety requirements so you can take to the skies safely.

Building Your Paraglider with OpenPPG

The OpenPPG project is a fantastic resource for individuals looking for an easy, convenient, and affordable electric paramotor. The lightweight design is user-friendly and maintenance-free, unlike many commercial products that use traditional combustion. A growing community of users always makes inputs and share improvements to the project so that aspiring pilots can have safer and enriching flights using the electric paramotor.

Looking to Buy or Rent a Paraglider?

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