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Texas Paramotor

Make your dream of flight a reality today.

We offer professional training, equipment sales, and full service!

A USPPA Certified Flight School

Texas Paramotor

Make your dream of flight a reality today.

We offer professional training, equipment sales, and full service!

A USPPA Certified Flight School

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Why Choose Texas Paramotor?

Paramotors are the least expensive, simplest, and SAFEST type of private aircraft you can buy. If you desire to learn to fly like a bird, the best choice of the paramotor training schools for safety and fun is Texas Paramotor.

Paramotoring students and enthusiasts fly legally under US ultralight regulations. There are just TWO simple pages of rules found in the paramotor training syllabus. That is far less compared to the 1600 pages of general aviation law that other aircraft pilots must follow!

Paramotor training is simple and quick. In our course, you will learn to make easy adjustments to your own gear and equipment, and there are no maintenance logs, flight plans, or other similar requirements. More than 99% of the US air space is available for unparalleled freedom of flight.

The paramotor folds in minutes to transport in the trunk of your car, or you can fit several complete flying vehicles in a minivan. Some paramotoring pilots even transport their units via motorcycle. For less than the price of a used car, you can own and control your own paramotoring equipment without the need for a hanger or rental fees.

Students may opt to add a reserve parachute and flotation for unmatched security and confidence during and after the paramotor training. Your training instructor can help you choose the right one.

Texas Paramotor Will Get You Flying in No Time

It's incredibly easy to get started with a paramotor training instructor at our flight school at Texas Paramotor!

No license is required for students to take flight into the sky after training with a tandem instructor at our school. Students learn to fly solo with paragliding training in as little as 8-12 days.

Fly with your paramotor for 3+ hours on a single tank of normal automobile fuel from your local gas station.

For your paramotor to take off, you do not need a runway. Once your paramotoring instructor teaches you how, you can launch in just a few feet from fields, beaches, farms, parks, backyards, small airports, and other locations.

The paramotoring training experience can spark a passion for any age!

Students who attend paragliding training at our school with one of our instructors can engage in various powered paragliding activities. These include climbing to thousands of feet and performing extreme aerobatics, flying low and slow to explore the terrain, and flying around at a comfortable altitude while enjoying the most amazing sunset views from your local field.

Powered paragliding has no age or weight limitations (up to 600-lb capacity), so entire families can be students and learn to fly together at our paramotor flight school.

Powered Paragliding Is an Investment in Adventure

There is no other sport like powered paragliding. Flying with a paramotor is constantly amazing and life-changing! Powered paragliding is one of the safest and most exhilarating forms of adventure available to humans. Paramotor equipment has been flown from coast to coast across the USA, from Alaska down to South America, and everywhere worldwide.

Fly on your paramotor with friends using convenient headset communication, or take a powered paragliding adventure on your own. Turn your backyard into a mind-bending port of adventure with your very own paraglider.

Learn to Fly with Texas Paramotor

If you are interested in starting a paramotor training journey, Texas Paramotor is here for you. Our experienced instructors will give you the paramotor instruction you need for take-off, landing, in-air control, ground handling skills, and even the proper weather conditions. Our pilots will instruct you at our training site, and you will be flying in the sky on your own powered paraglider in no time. Paramotors and training to handle them truly are investments in fun and freedom because they give you wings.

For more information on training costs for paramotors, how to become a student of our paramotor pilots, and to spark your passion for powered paragliding flight, call us today!