Shop Paramotor Wings

Whether you are a brand new pilot or an experienced shredder we have the wing for you! 

We take pride in trying every glider available on the market to curate a list of our favorite gliders based on different pilots needs. 

If you’re looking for a new glider give us a call and we can help you find the right fit- we have many demos available- so you can try it before you buy it! 

ITV Wings Lineup

ITV Baja
Price: 3650 

ITV Wasabi 
Price: 3750 

ITV Piper 
Price: 3600

ITV Awak 3
Price: 3500 

Gin Wings Lineup

Gin Pegasus 3
Price: 3550

Gin vantage 3
Price: 3800

Gin falcon
Price: 3800

Gin carve
Price: 3900

Gin fuse 3 pro class tandem

Advance epsilon 9 (en B) high class beginner  wing- motor or no motor

Uturn Blackout Acro Glider
Price: 3600

Uturn joker experienced acro glider
Call for price

AirG Emily peace 2 acro glider 
Price: 3200