Types of Paramotors in Texas

Many people dream of flying their own personal aircraft but have realized that owning and maintaining an airplane is expensive, complicated, and requires extensive training before a person can actually take flight. For these individuals, paramotoring can be an excellent alternative. A paramotor is the least expensive, simplest, and safest type of private aircraft you can buy, and learning to operate the paramotor can be done very quickly.

Why Is Paramotoring Fun?

Learning to fly is quick and straightforward because it only requires you to understand two pages of rules (U.S. ultralight regulations) compared to 1600 pages of general aviation law, which other aircraft must follow. 

There are no required maintenance logs, flight plans, or different types of similar restrictions that apply to paramotor pilots. Best of all – you can take off from almost anywhere once you know how to do so, and our experienced pilots at Texas Paramotor can teach you the ins and outs of paramotoring so you can take off and enjoy the freedom of paramotoring.

Types of Paramotors

Texas Paramotor has several types of paramotors available for all pilot skill levels, and our experienced pilots are here to help you understand the specifics of each type and make sure you choose the right one. The paramotors we offer include parajet maverick, BlackHawk, Nirvana, Miniplane, and Propulse.

Parajet Maverick

The Maverick is designed with all levels of piloting skills in mind and allows its pilot to change up style without worrying about the paramotor’s capabilities. This machine combines all of Texas Paramotor’s expertise with an uncomplicated design. It is a well-mannered training workhorse and technical cross-country surfer and any other performance you need it to do. The Maverick is strong, lightweight, and made of titanium. You can also add the choice of reliable, fuss-free Vittorazi engines for additional power.


Just like the BlackHawk, the Nirvana paramotor option has three varieties to choose from as well: Nirvana Rodeo, Nirvana F-Light, and Nirvana Instinct HL (the highest class of paramotors available to everyone). The Nirvana brand focuses on high performance, lightweight, and reliability as well as power and safety. The pilots at Texas Paramotor understand all of the specifications of each variety of Nirvana paramotors and can help you decide which one is the right choice for you.


The Miniplane paramotors have three types: Miniplane Top 80 PSF, Miniplane Top 80 ABM, and Miniplane Moster 185 Plus. When you are looking for a lightweight and economical paramotor that is still agile enough for a pilot to have the most enjoyable paramotoring experience possible, the Miniplane is an excellent option.


The Propulse Titan has a titanium frame and cage (removable in 2 or 4 sections), is lightweight and strong, and comes with a choice of leading engines. Propulse paramotors are greatly reliable because they have the best engines on the market and have excellent handling with low torque twist and easy launching. All in all, the Propulse is the best priced titanium paramotor available on the market, and the experts at Texas Paramotor are happy to give you all of the details you need to know before making your purchase.

Paramotor Wings at Texas Paramotor

In addition to the actual paramotor itself, you can also change another essential part of the flight experience. One of the essential parts of the paramotoring system is the wing, and the one you use should be the right one for your abilities/skills, training, weight, and confidence level. 

The paramotor wing (or paraglider) is a ram-air airfoil made up of two fabric surfaces sewn together by vertical supporting ribs to form a cell row. They trap incoming air through the open cells at the leading edge so that the glider can inflate and maintain a teardrop shape. 

The wings are usually made of high-performance non-porous fabrics and are rated for approximately 300 hours of flight time – that’s about four years! Once you get through the 300 hours of flight time, you will be ready for an upgrade and a new wing anyway. Our experts at Texas Paramotor can help you pick out the right one for your skill level and needs.

At Texas Paramotor, we carry five paramotor wings brands for you to choose from for your optimal paramotoring experience. These include Gin Pegasus 2, Gin Vantage 3, Dudek, Ozone, and Velocity.

Learn to Fly with Our Paramotoring Training in Texas 

At Texas Paramotor, we want to help you make your dream of flight a reality through professional training, equipment sales, and full service. Our team of experienced pilots understand how exciting it is to make the decision to learn how to fly a paramotor by yourself, and we want to make sure that you have all of the information necessary to choose the best option for you.

We are a USPPA Certified Flight School, and we can teach you to fly your aircraft. Our complete course is $2500 and includes professional training from our certified flight school, use of gear, and lifetime support. 

The PPG Full Foot Launch training lasts 8 to 12 days depending on weather and student skills, and we train full time, so we are happy to accommodate your schedule. 

Contact us today to learn more about everything included in our flight packages, how you can become a paramotoring pilot quickly, and which paramotoring wing is right for you. We can’t wait to help you get in the air, flying solo and enjoying your own personal aircraft!

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