How to Get Ready for your Paramotor Training

How to get ready for your paramotor training

“What can I do to prepare myself for the flight training?”
We get asked this question a lot at Texas Paramotor Training, so we decided to give you some answers!

Most people think of doing exercise to prepare, and while it is helpful to be in good shape for paragliding training, it is not essential to start doing squats in preparation! Just be sure you can run short distances with some weight on your back.

Here are some things you can do to ensure you’re set to succeed in your flight training at Texas Paramotor.

1: First things first! Get stoked!

Having a great attitude and being positive is the number one way to succeed in your paramotor flight course, it’s the best way to learn!

You are about to run into the air, get stoked!!

2: Look at your schedule and make a commitment

At Texas Paramotor we can work with almost any schedule, we train every day that the weather is good!

Students generally need 8-12 days to finish their training, will you be able to fit those days into our 2 month class period? If so call us and we can schedule your flight training!

​3. Paramotor Gear Rental is included in the course, but you should still start thinking about getting your setup for after training.

Up to 20 flights are included in our course, however we prefer to have your last few flights be on your own gear, so you can get comfortable with your setup before you leave training.

It can take 1-4 weeks for your paramotor and wing to arrive, depending on your selections. We will help you find the gear best fit for you!

4: look at your budget, do you need financing?
We now offer financing at Texas Paramotor!

We recommend customers to budget 10-13K in total for Training and complete Gear setups with all the accessory’s needed.

Is your budget looking a bit tight?
We have 2 third party lenders happy to help you get into the sport, give us a call and we can send you the online applications. If you have good credit you could be flying for under $300 a month!

Check out our blog post on financing your paramotor:

We have used paramotors and used paragliders if you are looking for a lower cost setup.

​What do I bring to flight training?

Lots and lots of water!

Closed toe shoes with a good amount of ankle support (make sure you can still run comfortably in in them). Don’t forget a great attitude and a side of stoke!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you all in the air soon!

Want to learn how to fly?

We have new classes starting every month of the year! With course schedules to fit anyone from weekend warriors to someone who wants to knock it all out in 10 days.

Give us a call and we can schedule your training! We only offer a limited number of class seats per month, which can book up in advance. To reserve your class it is only a 25% deposit to lock in your training dates!

Call now and we can make sure we have a spot for you!

I look forward to helping you get in the air!

-Ryan Glowka



​-Ryan Glowka

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