Paramotoring in Houston, Texas

Paramotoring in Houston, Texas

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Paramotoring is a new extreme sport taking the world by storm. Paramotors are small, ultra-light aircraft that can fit in your car’s trunk. If you’re looking to venture into the world of paramotoring but don’t know where to start, Texas Paramotoring Training can help.

We’re a full-service company offering professional training, equipment sales, and paramotor rental services in the state of Texas. Call us today for all your paramotor needs.

What Is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring also referred to as powered paragliding or PPG, is the most cost-effective form of personal powered flight. In this ultra-light aviation, the pilot wears a back-mounted motor (a paramotor) that provides sufficient thrust to take off using a paraglider.

You can launch the paramotor in still air, and on level ground, without the need for any assistance. Paramotoring is perhaps the most gratifying form of flight as it allows you to be entirely in the open air, flying slow while still offering an exceptional degree of precision and control. Besides being relatively cheaper than other forms of aviation, paramotoring also has the advantage of being portable, safe, and easy to fly.

Federal Aviation Regulation (FAA FAR) 103 governs paramotoring. However, you don’t need a license, medical certification, or registration to fly a paramotor under any state and local regulations. You will need to receive formal training to ensure you fly safely and stay clear of designated airspace for commercial aircraft, military activities, wildlife sanctuaries, and other special operations.

If you need more information about paramotoring, don’t hesitate to contact Texas Paramotor Training.

Paramotor Sales in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for high-quality paramotor equipment at affordable prices, look no further than Texas Paramotor Training. We are your trusted supplier for Paragliding and Paramotor gear in Houston, Texas.

We offer an excellent selection of paramotors, including:

Parajet Maverick Paramotor

The Parajet Maverick Paramotor combines a simple design with exceptional quality and performance to offer easy access to the paramotoring world. If you aren’t so much into engine sophistication and color options, and all you want is flying and exploring the sky, the Maverick is an excellent choice.

Blackhawk Paramotors

Since 1998, Blackhawk has produced some of the world’s safest, most powerful, and reliable paramotors. Blackhawk paramotors have a reputation for being cost-effective, lightweight, easy to transport, and fun to fly. You can choose from any of the following Blackhawk paramotors:

● BlackHawk 125 LITE Package

● BlackHawk Talon 190 Package

● BlackHawk AirMax 220 Quad Package

Nirvana Paramotors

For more than two decades, Nirvana Systems has remained a leading global manufacturer of paramotors and other powered paragliding equipment. Nirvana paramotors are known for their trouble-free running and a high degree of safety, which is an essential requirement for safe flying.

You can find the following Nirvana paramotors at Texas Paramotor Training:

● Nirvana Rodeo

● Nirvana F-Light

● Nirvana Instinct HL

Miniplane Paramotors

Miniplane is the world leader in the design and production of paramotor engines, boasting two European champions, seven world champions, and more than 60 silver and bronze medals. The company produces the most popular and reliable paramotor engines in the world. You can choose from any of the following models at Texas Paramotor Training:

● Miniplane Top 80 PSF

● Miniplane Top 80 ABM

● Miniplane Moster 185 Plus

Propulse Paramotors

Manufactured in Miami, Propulse paramotors are some of the most affordable options on the market. These paramotors come with a one-year warranty. Propulse Titan is one of the reliable models you can buy today.

Powered Paraglider Training in Texas

High-quality training is the most important investment you’ll make in your paramotoring endeavors. It improves your chances of success in this extreme sport and minimizes the chances of injury or equipment malfunction.

However, you won’t find comprehensive paramotor training in any of the leading universities in Texas. If you’re ready to start your paramotoring journey and are looking for quality training, Texas Paramotor Training has you covered.

As a premier paramotor training school, we’re committed to equipping our students with a solid set of skills they can build on. We train full time to accommodate your busy schedule and go out of our way to ensure you have the confidence necessary to get into the sky.

We ensure that once you complete your training, you’re ready to purchase paramotoring equipment and get into the air safely on your own.

We charge $2,500 for an entire course. The package includes gear rental, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing gear until you’re a qualified paramotor pilot who can navigate the skies. Powered paraglider training in Texas lasts 8-12 weeks, depending on the weather and student’s skills.

Paramotor Rental in Houston, Texas

If you want to do paramotoring but don’t have the funds to purchase the necessary gear, you might want to consider paramotor rentals. At Texas Paramotor, we offer full paramotor equipment rentals at competitive rates.

We even include equipment rental in our training program up to 20 flights. Once you complete your training, we allow you to rent the equipment in the morning or evening. We offer gear rentals in three-hour blocks of time, and a full gear rental comes with:

● Paramotor equipped with reserve

● Bluetooth helmet with ear protection

● Wing

● Fuel

We charge $150 for a three-hour block. Whether you’re lightweight or heavyweight, we have you covered. Our equipment can accommodate any weight from 100 pounds to 300 pounds, and we also have a selection of brands and models of motors and wings to suit your weight and skill level.

Enjoy Safe and Professional Powered Paragliding in Houston

Powered paragliding is one of the easiest ways to fly in the sky like a bird. It’s the most exciting and adventurous sport in the world and becoming increasingly popular each day. If performed correctly, this extreme sport could give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. However, it would be best to have proper training and the right equipment to have a gratifying powered paragliding experience.

At Texas Paramotor, we will provide you with the training and equipment you need for successful paramotoring. Contact us today at 512-545-6280 for paramotor sales, paramotor training, and equipment rentals in Houston, Texas.