Paramotor Wings in Texas

Paramotor Wings in Texas

In recent years, paramotoring has become increasingly popular because it is the least expensive, simplest, and safest type of private aircraft you can buy. 

Learning to fly is quick and straightforward because it only requires you to understand two pages of rules (U.S. ultralight regulations) compared to 1600 pages of general aviation law, which other aircraft must follow. 

There are no required maintenance logs, flight plans, or different types of similar restrictions that apply to paramotor pilots. Best of all - you can take off from almost anywhere once you know how to do so.

Types of Paramotor Wings 

One of the essential parts of the paramotoring system is the wing, and the one you use should be the right one for your abilities/skills, training, weight, and confidence level. 

The paramotor wing (or paraglider) is a ram-air airfoil made up of two fabric surfaces sewn together by vertical supporting ribs to form a cell row. They trap incoming air through the open cells at the leading edge so that the glider can inflate and maintain a teardrop shape. 

The wings are usually made of high-performance non-porous fabrics and are rated for approximately 300 hours of flight time - that's about four years!

Underneath the wing is four or five rows of lines that stream down together via risers on either side of the pilot. The risers are attached to hang points on the paramotor using carabiners. 

The lines (made of synthetic materials that don't stretch or shrink) at the trailing edge make up the brakes (control lines), and manipulating the strings will change the glider's direction or speed. 

At Texas Paramotor, we carry five paramotor wings brands for you to choose from for your optimal paramotoring experience. These include Gin Pegasus 2, Gin Vantage 3, Dudek, Ozone, and Velocity.

Gin Pegasus 2 

The Pegasus 2 is considered the "do everything" wing that is perfect for a beginner pilot's first two seasons and a leisure pilot who wants a reliable and versatile wing. 

Many pilots choose a wing that they can "grow into" throughout their career, but this is not always the best methodology for a beginner. Growing confidence means that you have a wing to learn with and fly with safely, especially when it comes to taking off. 

The Pegasus 2 has improved inflation methods that ensure the wing comes up easy and straight, regardless of the conditions. 

Gin Vantage 3 

The Vantage 3 is an intermediate wing that is lightweight but also durable. It is easy and fun to fly, perfect for beginning and intermediate paramotor pilots, bivouac flying, and free-flying. 

Compared to a conventional paramotor wing, the Vantage 3 is compact to pack, light to carry, easy to inflate and lift off rapidly, made of light and durable fabric, thermal easily in free flight mode, and is ideal for traveling, bivouac, and light strike use.


The Dudek brand offers four different paramotoring wings ranging from beginner to experienced pilots. These include Dudek Universal, Dudek Synthesis 2, Dudek Snake, and Dudek Hadron. 

The Universal wing is perfect for beginner pilots because of its exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals and reflex traits present in the designs. 

Also for beginner and fun pilots is Synthesis 2. Its stability is excellent for PPG training and is perfect for easy launching and steering. It can also be used for speed to keep pace with sport wings. Synthesis 2 is safe, universal, fast, and user-friendly.

If you are looking for a fast and agile wing with perfect handling that excels in slalom tasks, the Snake is the ideal wing for you. It requires an experienced paramotor pilot and is ideal for dynamic maneuvering and rapid speed changes. 2D steering and PA system (Power Attack, or Paap Kolar system) come fitted standard.

Finally, the Dudek Hadron is a fast and agile high-lift racer requiring an experienced paramotor pilot, averaging several hundred flight hours per year. 

When you need a quick, elegant wing, has perfect handling and little power requirements, is turbulence-proof, and small in size, the Hadron is right for you. It is ideal for slaloms, wingovers, foot-dragging, and even high-level competitions. 


The Ozone brand also offers various paramotoring wings designed for all types of pilots ranging from beginner to advanced. These include: 

  • Ozone Mojo PWR (versatile beginner) 

  • Ozone Kona (beginner-intermediate PPG pilots) 

  • Ozone Roadster 3 (all piloting abilities) 

  • Ozone Spyder (lightweight beginner/intermediate glider) 

  • Ozone Speedster 2 (high-speed intermediate) 

  • Ozone Sirrocco 2 (high-performance, lightweight intermediate) 

  • Ozone Freeride (dynamic intermediate-advanced) 

  • Ozone Viper 4 (advanced pilots for high-performance competition) 

  • MAGMA Tandem Wing (professional tandem instructors/part-time weekend pilots)

Whatever your skill level or activity requirement, the Ozone brand has a paramotoring wing perfect for you.


The Velocity CORE paraglider has everything you would need and expect from a beginner-friendly powered glider that can also be utilized and enjoyed by intermediate-level pilots. 

The efficiency of the CORE may make it the go-to glider for the entire cross-country PPG community. From launch to landing, the CORE makes the experience fun, easy, and exciting.

Learn to Fly with Our Paramotoring Training in Texas

At Texas Paramotor, we want to help you make your dream of flight a reality through professional training, equipment sales, and full service. 

We are a USPPA Certified Flight School, and we can teach you to fly your aircraft. Our complete course is $2500 and includes professional training from our certified flight school, use of gear, and lifetime support. 

The PPG Full Foot Launch training lasts 8 to 12 days depending on weather and student skills, and we train full time, so we are happy to accommodate your schedule. 

Contact us today to learn more about everything included in our flight packages, how you can become a paramotoring pilot quickly, and which paramotoring wing is right for you. We can't wait to help you get in the air, flying solo and enjoying your own personal aircraft!