Paramotor Rentals

Paramotor Rentals

Do you want to powered paraglide, but don’t have the cash to buy your gear? 

We now offer full equipment rentals at Texas Paramotor! 

Gear rental is included in the training course up to 20 flights.
​Once you graduate you can rent the equipment ​in both the morning or evening!

​Rentals are sold in 3 Hour blocks of time.

Full equipment rental includes:

  • ​Paramotor equipped with reserve
  • ​Wing
  • ​Bluetooth helmet with ear protection
  • ​Fuel

​Total price per 3 hour block:  $150

We have equipment fly anyone from 100 lbs to 300 lbs!

Brand and model of motor/ wing available depend on your weight and skill.

We have multiple rental paramotors and wings available to ensure you can always fly when the weather is good!

Paramotor Rentals are a service offered almost exclusively by us at Texas Paramotor. 

​Paramotor renting is a convenient service ​for those still trying out the sport or don't have the budget to purchase their own ​gear ​and still want to fly!

Now you only need to purchase training,
and you can fly at your leisure!

We have new classes starting every month of the year, with course schedules to fit anyone from weekend warriors to someone who wants to knock it all out in 10 days.

Give us a call and we can schedule your training! We only offer a limited number of class seats per month, which can book up in advance. To reserve your class it is only a 25% deposit to lock in your training dates!

Call now and we can make sure we have a spot for you!

I look forward to helping you get in the air!

-Ryan Glowka